Intensive German Evening Course

Intensive German Evening Course
This course, which is three times a week, 3 hours per lesson, 3 months per section, is designed for those who would like to master the German language in short time but to balance career and study at the same time. The classes does not only increase students’ German ability, but also provide overall commercial, social and cultural insights. We train student to communicate at ease from daily life to social and professional situation.
Section 1: Approximately at A1 level
Students at this level can conduct simple daily conversations in German, such as self-introduction, orientation, shopping etc. A basis of German language is formed.
Section 2: Approximately at A2 level
Students can express their opinions and thoughts with long sentences. They learn how to write resumes and have job interviews in German. 
Section 3: Approximately at B1 level
Students are able to read long German articles on climates, history, politics etc. and have discussion on the topics. Intermediate grammar is also taught in this level.
Section 4: Approximately at B2 level
Teaching contents include literatures in German as well as German history and culture study.  Students can express themselves in German fluently and are familiar with different types of writing.