Professioneller Intensiver Deutschkursus (A1-B2)

Professioneller Intensiver Deutschkursus (A1-B2)

The one year German intensive language course.

This course lasts for 12 months. The content of the course focuses on listening, speaking, writing and reading. In order to form future highly-proficient German foreign language speakers. Apart from offering the above foundation training, we also provide concrete exam strategies to cope with German language exam. No matter your reasons to enrol in this course are due to academic or professional purposes, this course provides you with a step by step guide towards the enhancement of your German level. The training is specially designed for students aiming to enter tertiary education in Germany or simply are deeply interested in the german culture. The classes does not only increase students’ German ability, but also provide overall commercial, social and cultural insights. We train student to communicate at ease from daily life to social and professional situation. At the same time we offer consultancy for individual students hoping to enter German tertiary education. No matter you want to study or aim to enter German companies, our school offers you the necessary practical and professional training that pave to the road of success throughout your German learning journey.

Course content:

Foundation course (first four months)

Approximately at A1-A2 level. Focusing on vocabularies, grammars, listening comprehension and reading comprehension. We provide strengthening exercise and homework practises accordingly. Training to write articles, minor subjects, speaking exam and reading comprehension will also be provided. On top of these, during the course we offer A1 - A2 mock exams and exam strategies.

Advanced course (the following 8 months)

Around B1-B2 level. Combining subjects include vocabularies, grammars, listening comprehension, listening comprehension. Homework and regular tests are given to consolidate students’ level. Essay-writing will be emphasised and provide level A1-B2 exam strategies. It also include grammar, reading and  listening comprehension and vocabularies strengthening exercises. In the last stage of the course we also provide insights to help students to gain knowledge in the professional world.



Hours per month




4 months

60 hours

240 hours

The Goethe-Zertifikat(A1-A2)


4 months

60 hours

240 hours

The Goethe-Zertifikat(B1-B2)


Average 20 classes per month. 5 days per week. Every day 4 hours (subject to change according to different classes)

At least 3 tests and 1 exam per months