French Introductory Course

French Introductory Course

Learning a foreign language is an effective way to increase your competitiveness in this ever-changing world. We offer this introductory course to better prepare for your road of language-learning in French. Our experienced teachers provide training to help students to understand basic french pronunciation, vocabularies, expressions and daily conversation. The vocabularies selected in this course are the most commonly used words in daily life. In the classes students not only learn correct French pronunciation and writing, but also a wide range of vocabularies and techniques in daily conversation. These trainings build up a solid French language foundation in order to prepare students for their future study and travel plans. In addition to basic vocabularies, we also teach short phrases and vivid use of word expressions. Our French courses enable students to enhance both their abilities and interest in this language. Throughout the course we provide step-by-step explanations for students to understand the basic sentence structure, obtain basic techniques in writing short articles and increase the reading ability as well as deepen their interest in French culture.

French Introductory course: 13 lessons in total, 1.5 hours each

  • Introduce the French language development and cultural background

  • Teach basic conversation and useful phrases  

  • Self-introduction and daily interaction  

  • Provide training on the French phonetic system, spelling, speech and sound

  • Learn the common vocabularies and sentences

  • Learn greeting words and correct tenses

  • Learn to sing French songs

Teaching Methods and Characteristics

We focus on the four exam aspects: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The courses are well-planned with detailed and effective explanation concerning the basic use of French. The courses are lectured by our experienced tutor in Chinese, French and English. Classes are in small groups and the courses contain solid training material to improve students’ French language skill. The overall aim is to provide a solid foundation in grammars, pronunciation, sentence structure and the use of phrases in order to enhance students’ French abilities.

French belongs to the Romance language of the Indo-European family, which is the most used latin languages used after Spanish. Nowadays, more than 150  million people use French as their mother tongue. And also 190 millions people using it as a foreign language. Due to its sophisticated grammar structures, many international organization use French to be the main language medium. For instance, the United Nation use English as the speaking language, while French as the written language. French is also one of the 6 administrative languages in the United nation and is used widely in international diplomatic activities. French is not only the official language in France but is also rooted in more than 5 continents and 40 other countries as an official and common language. It is estimated that there are 274 million people in the world speaking French nowadays. Although there are fewer people speaking French than English in the world, what should be noted is that geographically speaking, French speaking countries cover a vast areas of the continents just second to English. Moreover, French is the official language of a number of many official organizations such as ONCI EU IOC, OMC, FIFA, etc.

Countries which use French as the official language:

Central African Republic
Congo, Democratic Republic of
Côte d'Ivoire



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