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IELTS Training Courses

IELTS, an internationally recognised English exam, is widely adopted by academic institutions and employers to screen applicants wishing to study, immigrate or work in the English-speaking countries. They exam is a solid proof of an individual’s English ability in learning and working. This exam is one of the most recognised exams especially in Australia and the United Kingdom. There are currently two versions of IELTS: Academic or General training. The former is designed for students wishing to fulfil the entry requirement in the University and the latter is for professional and socialising use. In this course we adopt the Academic Version. There are four exam modules in the IELTS: 1/ Listening 2/ Reading 3/ Writing and 4/ Speaking. On the day of the exam, students should finish the first three parts in one day. And then the last part (Speaking) will be finished within the next two days. IELTS result is marked in a scale from 1 to 9, with 1 being the lowest level and 9 the highest level indicating an independent and expert user of the English language.

Our IELTS courses:


Listening comprehension in an academic and professional setting. Students are expected to be familiar with different English accents.


Strengthen grammatical knowledge and the different uses of English language. Build up a wide range of vocabularies and handle different reading materials. Different reading skills will be discussed and explored.


Students are trained to be familiar with different writing format. We teach students on how to analyse information effectively and handle different writing styles such as interpreting data and argumentative essay writing skill. We also help student to understand the IELTS marking system.


Fluent and correct pronunciation are essential to the academic and professional world, we offer training to increase students’ communication skill in this aspect. The main aim is to strengthen their techniques in both academic and socialising conversation.

Teaching Methods:

We focus in the four exam aspects: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The courses are well-planned with detailed and effective explanation concerning the correct use of English. The courses are lectured by our experienced tutor with both Chinese and English explanation. Classes are in small groups and the courses contain solid learning material to improve students’ overall English skill. The aims are to strengthen grammars, pronunciation, sentence structure and the use of phrases in order to enhance students’ English abilities in all areas.



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