Introductory Korean


Introductory Korean


In this introductory course, we will teach students about the foundation of Korean language and the phonetic system of Korean. We put emphasis on training student concerning the Korean verbal communication system in order to understand the correct pronunciation of the Korean language. Different Korean sounds are put into comparison to enable student to learn to speak correctly. Also, We provide trainings on the Korean vocabularies spelling including common vocabularies, foreign vocabularies and basic greeting and socialising expressions.

  • Introduction of the Korean language history

  • Teach the Korean vowels and consonants and phonetic systems

  • Provide training on the Korean sound systems and their differences

  • Strong emphasis on vocabularies training

  • Learn Korean common vocabularies and foreign words

  • Learn basic greeting expressions

  • Consolidate the korean pronunciation and vocabularies

  • Be familiar with greeting phrases and daily words

  • Learn to speak politely in different settings

  • Introduce the basic Korean grammars and correct use of the language

  • Understand Korean sentence structures.

  • Learn to read and understand short Korean articles  


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